Strike Against Corruption

Congratulations to President Donald J. Trump

Updated: February 21, 2017

We, the "deplorable" working-class Trump voters of America, keep this country running every day: we work in the factories; we work on the farms; we drive the trucks carrying food and goods across the country; we maintain the electric-grid and the public water supplies; we construct the buildings; we mine the coal and pump the oil; we repair the roads, buses, trains, and airplanes; we run the train stations and the seaports and the airports; we work in the offices; we work in the stores.  We are America.

In electing Donald J. Trump as the next president of the United States, we have struck back against a corrupt elite that for too long has broken and disobeyed the laws of our nation with impunity.   

We have struck back against the international merchant banks and globalists that actively conspire against us and our people.   

We will continue to work and to keep the economic engine and the infrastructure of our nation running while President Trump fights on our behalf.  But if the hate-mongers and traitors continue their unlawful attacks against us, we will peacefully exert our power by protests and ballots.  

Together we are powerful; they are powerless without us.